Campground Host Crafts

‘Campground Host Crafts’ is a collaborative arts project taking place in October 2019 at Carl G. Washburne Memorial State Park Campground. While volunteering as the Campground Host, Zach Runge will host a variety of craft making workshops to the public and patrons of the State Park.

Workshops are open to people of all ages!

I go to Nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put together.
— John Burroughs


As a commercial video producer, I have spent years working with a variety of cameras. For this project, I will be working with analog film cameras ranging from DIY pinholes to SLR’s.

The workshops will cover the spectrum from the basics of how cameras work, the development process, and on to developing a style of your own.

I grew up in a small town in Michigan. Once a summer, we would go on the ‘big camping trip’ to the Upper Peninsula. I always looked forward to this week to unplug, get dirty, and fill my time outdoors and make art out of anything I could find.


Fiber Works

A recent passion of mine is working with fibers. I grew up learning how to sew and crochet but a year ago I picked up the needle to embroider a jacket and haven’t put the needle down!

Attendees of the fiber workshops will be introduced to crafts such as cross stitching, friendship bracelet making, mobile making and more.

For this project, I plan to create a space where youthfulness and wonder can sneak back in. A place where an 8 year old and an 80 year old can try something new and learn from each other. Below are a few ideas I have for craft workshops:


Other Interests?

Have a different craft interest or do you have something to teach? No worries, the intent is to get people together to make things. I also like wood working, ceramics, drawing and more.

Whether you want to participate in learning a different craft than listed or better, have something to teach others; let’s connect and plan something out ahead of time to make it happen!

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See you at camp!

In a world of deadlines, stimulus overload, and endless digital “connectedness,” I plan to use the month of October to unplug, slow down, and use my skills and interests to connect with people in a personal way. By giving my time and skills away for others’ enjoyment.

Please join me for an afternoon or a weekend at camp and let’s make art together!

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