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I really enjoy helping people get things done. Iā€™m a leader and a team player. I believe in keeping empathy at the core of solutions and experiencing life and learning to the fullest.

I'm a producer of creative projects. I'm here to help people get creative projects done. Done; efficiently, on time, on budget, and all the while having a great experience working together. Whether it's helping define the problem, bringing a creative team together, or managing a team; I handle the logistics, the communication, and help not tax your internal team. Below is a list of the typical types of projects that I
work on: 

  • Video & Photoshoot Production
  • Growth & Process Innovation
  • Startups
  • Concept Development & Storyboarding
  • Marketing, Communication, & Advertising
  • Events Coordination
  • Information Architecture, Design, and Development of Websites and Applications